Solis MMC is phasing out daytime-overnight shifts by 2020 as part of an ongoing drive to improve conditions for staff within the organisation.


The decision has been taken to introduce night shifts and day shifts for staff. The move follows the completion of a comprehensive survey of all employees working in the organisation nationwide.


The new working structure will fall into line with Workplace Relations Commission recommendations and fully comply with the Organisation of Working Time Act (1997).


Announcing the new change to working patterns at Solis MMC, Gary McCaul, said: “We have carried out a very detailed online survey of our staff as part of our very successful, ongoing engagement process within the organisation.


“The introduction of new shifts is one of the big decisions made by management based on the findings of the survey. The move has been made to create more appealing and flexible work periods for our employees.


“The phasing out of longer shifts over the next two years will also ensure that our operations are in line with the recommendations made by the Workplace Relations Commission and comply fully with the stipulations within Organisation of Working Time Act.


“Our success as an organisation is down to our staff and we realise the importance listening to their needs. Our employees asked us, and we have listened – now we’re going to deliver.


“We are continually striving to ensure Solis MMC residential centres continue to be great places to work and this initiative is one of several currently being rolled out.”


The Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 stipulates that the maximum average working week is 48 hours.


Under the Act, ‘working time’ translates as any period during which the worker is working, at the employer’s disposal and carrying out his/her activity or duties.