Project Description

Community Services

Solis MMC Community Support Services provide young people and their families with the practical and emotional support they need.

Every young person will face different challenges and have unique, and often complex, practical and emotional needs. 

Our extensively developed community services are engaging young people nationally whether they are:

  • Leaving our residential services and in need of aftercare support
  • Referred by TUSLA as being at risk of reception into residential care

Our professional, qualified and multidisciplinary teams develop and implement Personal Programme Plans that are tailor made to meet the needs of each young person and their families.

Solis MMC recognises every young person has their own strengths, goals and ambitions.

Our community support services provide each young person with direct input in devising their individual Personal Programme Plan and setting their programme goals.

We work to maintain positive relationships within the home and to minimise risk-taking behaviour.

Our community-based staff are working closely with young people and their families or carers to build and nurture relationships based on trust and empathy.

We provide a range of therapeutic interventions developed to meet assessed need and a range of services to meet market demand across Ireland.